Whether you’re building your first overlanding vehicle, or you’re just curious about the gear you need when you want to go off-road camping. These essential pieces of overland gear will guarantee a safe and comfortable Overlanding trip.

Overlanding and Off-Road Camping

Off-road camping trips, usually last anywhere from a day trip to a weekend or week. During this period you will go exploring and do many things you do when you go overlanding.

In short, overlanding is a mix of off-roading, camping, and being self-sufficient. While overlanding, you will explore nature, going with the least traveled path. The main goal is exploring. These trips tend to last a lot longer than your usual off-road camping trip. Click the button below for a dedicated blog post about what overlanding is.

Camping Gear

We are kicking this list off with camping gear. Maybe this is very logical, but a big part of overlanding, or off-road camping, is camping. Listed below are the most important pieces of camping gear you need, whether you’re going overlanding or off-road camping.

Rooftop Tent

Maybe the most important piece of camping gear your going to want to take with you is a tent. Whether a rooftop tent or just a regular tent, you want a tent that you can comfortably sleep in during your trip. A rooftop tent offers a lot more safety since it’s located on top of your vehicle. This way, it’s a lot harder for animals to be able to break into your tent. Also, water won’t be able to drain in your tent when it’s pouring outside.

rooftop tent

Rooftop Awning

An awning might seem a bit overkill for some of you, however, this piece of camping gear will protect you from the sun, rain, or even snow while cooking or just relaxing and enjoying nature. A rooftop awning will make your trip so much more comfortable.

rooftop awning

Portable Stove

After a long day of exploring nature, whether you’re, adventuring through the jungle or conquering mountains, you will want to eat something. With a portable stove, you’ll be able to warm up some soup or cook some dinner. Don’t forget to bring a little pan.

For a more detailed view of what cooking equipment to take on an overlanding trip, take a look at my blog post about cooking equipment!


Sleeping equipment

You’ve set up camp and are ready to go to sleep, the last thing you want to find out is that you forgot your sleeping bag, pillow, or sleeping pad. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s most likely the temperatures will drop during the night, and you don’t want to freeze.

sleeping pad

Survival Gear

Now that we’ve covered the camping gear, we’re moving on to survival gear. When you’re going off-road camping, no matter how long, it’s smart to take this gear with you. When out, exploring nature, a lot of things can happen. With this essential survival gear, you won’t be faced with any surprises.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something you should always have in your car, let alone when you’re going Overlanding. Whether you cut yourself setting up camp, or get glass in your hands during a crash, this is something you want to take with you.

First aid kit


Everybody knows this one, the multitool. As the name suggests, it’s a tool with multiple purposes. This tool can come in handy when something needs tightening whether torx, flathead, or something else. This tool is also useful as a bottle opener, scissors, or even a mini saw.



A good, quality knife may be one of the best survival gear investments you can make. Whether cutting the bark of trees to make a fire, skin prey you have hunted or just cutting your food. A quality knife will last you a long time, and make your outdoor adventure a lot easier.



When you’re out and about, exploring beautiful nature, the last thing you want is to get lost. Therefore, a good GPS or navigation system is necessary. This system by Garmin has in-built POIs for overlanders, public camping grounds, and 4×4 roads.

Garming overland gps

Water filtration

A water filtration kit might not be your first thing to pack for an Overlanding trip. However, when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and you ran out of water, this might just save your life. Even if you took some water with you, you never know what’s going to happen.

Water filtration kit

Satellite Communicator

The last thing you want when you strand in the middle of nowhere is no phone signal. A satellite communicator, as the name indicates, will use satellites to communicate. This allows you to call for help even in the most remote places. It won’t be something you’re going to use much. It might, however, save your life.

satellite communicator


A torch or headlamp is something that you want to take with you. Whether you’re in the dark and need to fix something on your car, want to signal somebody, or just want to watch your step, a torch will make your life so much easier.



A hatchet can be used for a number of things. Some of these things include chopping wood for a fire, cutdown fallen trees that block the road, or even something simple like hammering in some stakes for your tent.


Flint and Steel

When you’ve set up camp, and are relaxing as the sun goes down, so will the temperatures. A nice campfire may just be something you want to make, but the rain has soaked your lighter. A flint and steel might save you from the cold. This piece of equipment will throw a spark whether it’s wet, windy, or freezing.

flint and steel

Solar Battery Pack

You don’t want your equipment running out of battery. However, charging might not be possible for the whole day. A solar battery pack will generate and store electricity using nothing but the sun.

solar battery pack

Recovery Gear

Last but not least, recovery gear. You’re out and about, and the last thing you want is to get stranded with your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. This will make an end to your trip. With the recovery gear listed below, you can get your vehicle out of tricky situations.

Jerrycan with Fuel

Fuel is what keeps your car going, no fuel, you’re going nowhere. It happens to the best of us, the trip might take a bit longer, you have to take a detour because a road is blocked or you forgot to watch the fuel indicator. Either way, you might want to take some extra, just in case.

jerry can

Fire Extinguisher

We are traveling with our vehicles, sometimes pushing them to their limits, or even over them. A fire can start out of nowhere. You want to put it out as fast as you can, therefore you grab your fire extinguisher. Even if a little campfire grows out of control, a fire extinguisher might save the day.

fire extinguisher


A shovel is a multi-purpose tool. You can dig out your wheels when you’re stuck, make a hole for a campfire, or dig a channel to reroute some water to your campsite.

see at amazon

Traction Boards

Whether you’re in the jungle, mountains, or desert, you’ll eventually get yourself in a nasty situation where you’ll get your vehicle stuck. Traction boards can be slid against the tires and help you get out of the slippery situation.

Traction boards


When traction boards aren’t enough, you’ll want to have a winch. You can wrap it around a tree and pull yourself to freedom again. This might also come in handy when a friend is in need or when you want to clear the road that is being blocked by a fallen over tree.


Air Compressor

An air compressor is something you hope you won’t have to use. However, the last thing you want is to get stranded with a flat tire. A big slice won’t be able to be repaired but an air compressor can pump up that tire and maybe just get you out of a nasty situation.

Air compressor

Hi-lift Jack

If the flat tire can’t be filled up anymore and needs to be replaced, you’ll want to change it. A hi-lift jack can help you get the vehicle up in the air. This way you can safely change the wheel and continue on adventuring.


LED Light Bar

An LED light bar might be one of the first things you’ll want to buy. Once you’re off the main road, lights will be scarce. Your normal headlights will be bright, however, an LED light bar can shine a lot brighter since your headlights are designed for not blinding oncoming traffic. This might come in handy when setting up camp late at night or looking further ahead for something.

LED Light Bar


Now you’re all ready and have all the necessary gear to go overlanding. You’re in the middle of your trip and had the best night’s sleep in a while. You get out of your tent, pack your stuff and try to start your vehicle, but nothing happens. Dead battery. You can be prepared for everything however, a battery can just give out. That’s why you need to take a jumpstarter with you.



These are, in my opinion, the 23 essential pieces of overland gear you are going to want to take with you, whether it’s your first or hunderth trip. Do you agree with this list? What piece of gear can’t you leave without?